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Are you one of those boat owners who tries his best to keep the boat in perfect condition? If your answer is yes, then you must be cautious about the boat bottom paint that is prone to damage more easily than any other area of the boat. Various sea monsters—slime causing bacteria, acorn barnacles, zebra mussels etc.—cause a serious hull drag, hence making the boat bottom an ugly, dirty and slimy mess. It all results in higher fuel bills and lower speed of the boat. Obviously, you can’t ignore the boat bottom in that case which is a foundation of your watercraft.

You can now take proper care of it through our boat bottom painting service. We facilitate our valued clients with the upright professional painting they are looking for. We will help you to increase the ability to maneuver your fouled hull bottom and give it a smoother sailing with an antifouling paint at a more competitive price than other service providers. Our boat care services are not limited to boat painting only. You can also contact us for boat waxing, polishing, washing, wrapping or boat detailing cape cod services.

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Why Is Bottom Painting of a Boat Essential?

Boat Bottom painting in Cape Cod is more than just a trend; experienced boaters know that this extra protective layer is essential for their boats. The activities you do on your boat will determine what kind of paint will be the best option for you to choose. It is important to note that antifouling paint is for preventing microbial growths over time. On the other hand, hard paint will be very effective for faster boats. Ablative and hybrid paints tend to be the crowd’s favorites. These kinds of paint are more technologically advanced, allowing the breakdown of paint to expose a new layer that is equally as effective as the first coat, and hybrids are a bit tough with slower breakdown.

A Cape Cod Boat Painting Service That Does More

We know that there is a shortage of boat painting services in Cape Cod. That’s why we take the proper precautions before applying bottom paint to your boat, aiming for the sleekest job. Depending on your boat needs and what you want to be done, we will start by stripping, sanding, and washing your boat. This will provide us a clean slate to start the work. We give boats the five-star treatment, following up with boat polishing and boat waxing to maximize the lifespan of the boat and to improve its look.

This process also provides us the opportunity to identify further issues related to the bottom of your boat. Our bottom care package includes zinc replacements to avoid costly damage, as well as routine maintenance that protects the bottom from aquatic growths, oxidation, and other elemental hazards.

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This program is a fantastic way to restore a weathered hull without the price tag and hassle of giving your vessel a new paint job.